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Tips for Softub Outdoor Set-up

Summer is coming! Yes, after all the wait, we are finally going to experience the best months of the year.

It’s time to show some love to the backyard and get summer ready. Portable Spas Canada is here to help our customers spend less time worrying about it.

When incorporating your Softub into your backyard, see it as an accessory to your landscape. Don’t just use your Softub, personalize it and add the final touch to your dream oasis.

Here is the list of 4 tips that can help you set up the Softub without any hitch

Placement is the key

It is important to consider the topography of your backyard. Make sure to place your Softub in a flat area, that is not near dirt or leaves. An exterior cover that goes over your entire Softub and hydromate can help prolong the lifespan of the exterior; It isn’t essential, but it does help.

Safety is Vital

Pay close attention to areas in your backyard that could be prone to accidents ; do not place your Softub on a dark area or on a smooth, slippery when wet surface. Make sure to protect your power cord from lawnmowers.

Experiment with the theme

In order to incorporate your Softub into your backyard, make sure it fits with the overall theme of your home and outdoor living space. Radically different themes, will compromise the look and feel of your backyard.  We have a selection of colours to match with any look.

Personalize Your Hot Tub

Take your spa experience to the next level by adding accessories that will accent your Softub such as surround (rattan or cedar), soft cushion, side tray table, and an exterior weather cover.

Your softub can be used there therapeutic and recreation.  With a few simple steps, your Softub will become a piece of décor that will accent your backyard beautifully, and giving you the serenity and relaxation that we require after a long day.

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