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Side Tray Table


This tray is perfect for holding drinks and snacks to enjoy while you soak. Slides over the side of your Softub spa in seconds. Adjustable leg fits a variety of wall thicknesses. Impact-resistant and durable, it is ideal for holding beverages, snacks, and games.




Using material originally designed to help clean up oil spills, this scum sponge absorbs 40x its weight in oils, lotions and cosmetics. Let if float in your hot tub, and when one side becomes dirty simply flip it over.

  • Prevents Scum Line Formation
  • Reduces Filter Clogging
  • Absorbs Surface Contaminants in Your Spa


Spa Maintenance Kit


Keep your hot tub in pristine condition with the Jacuzzi Spa Maintenance Kit and save money by buying all you need in one complete cleaning pack. Our Spa Maintenance Kit includes:

  • Spa brush
  • Supa vac
  • Spa scoop skimmer net
  • Floating Scum sponge





Water Treatment Kit


Included are all the necessary Softcare products needed to properly care for your spa.


Soft Cushion


This Soft Cushion is a versatile, water filled seat cushion that adds enhanced comfort to your Softub. It can also be used as a back support or as a booster seat. It is also great for kids, or short people  to keep their head above water.