How long have these spas been around? How long will they last?

We’ve been manufacturing Softub spas since 1986, and some of our first tubs are still in customers’ back yards.


You can count on a reliable spa, with a strong company to back it up. There are many Softub spas still in operation after over 20 years of service.

Where are you located?

Mobility 1st Ltd. is the authorized dealer for Softub in Southern Ontario. The manufacturing facility is located in Sudbury, Ontario.


If you ever need accessories, parts, service, or answers – no matter where you live – we’re available nearby.

What are they made of? Are they inflatable?

No, they are not inflatable. They are made of patented Polybond™ high denisty, closed cell foam that is extremely strong, yet lightweight.


You’ll love the flexible comfort and be able to easily move your tub, inside or outside, without any help.

How well does the vinyl surface hold up outside?

The vinyl is a marine-grade product that is designed to withstand the harshest climates and sun.


That means with simple, routine care, you can expect to get many years of service, indoors or out.

How much does it cost to operate?

That means you won’t see a huge jump in your electric bill, as with the 220v hard tubs.


That means with simple, routine care, you can expect to get many years of service, indoors or out.

How does it heat without a heater?

With our revolutionary heat recovery system, which uses the heat created by the pump motor to heat the water.


You will have operating costs that are a fraction of the cost of a hard tub, a reduction in service problems, and an extension of the life of the motor, since our system helps keep it cool.

How hot does it get?

Our thermostat can be set as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the same as all hot tubs.


No matter what temperature you select, your Softub is ready for you whenever you’re ready to relax.

How do you treat the water?

We have water treatment kits that fully explain the treatment process. To make maintenance as simple as possible, we also have a patented, fully automatic, ozone injection system that significantly reduces the amount of chemicals needed to keep your tub clean and sanitary.


That means it takes less time-and less money out of your pocket – to keep your tub sparkling clean.

How much do they weigh when full of water?

A 220 gallon Softub spa weighs 1,972 pounds, including the HydroMate and lid.


You can put your tub on nearly any deck. Check with your builder, but most new decks can easily support a Softub spa and a few of your friends.

What kind of preparation is required to install a Softub spa?

The great news is that all you need is a level surface and a standard 120V 15A electric outlet.


Unlike hard tubs, you will not be burdened with pouring a concrete pad, expensive 220V wiring and possibly a crane.

Will I need an electrician or plumber to hook it up?



Although almost all hard tubs do require expensive electrical work to install, a Softub spa is designed for anyone to install on their own, as it plugs into a standard 115V 15A outlet. And, with our SmartChip™, you never have to worry about power surges or brown-outs damaging your spa.


Does the tub need to be plumbed-in?

No. Just filled with a garden hose. Note: Do not fill with hot water.

Do I require any special electrical setup or an electrician?

No. You can simply plug and play to a regular wall outlet.

Does it need a solid base?

No. As long as you are placing it on a fairly level surface, it is suitable for placement on decks, patio stone, or grass. For best results, the flatter the surface the better.

How often do you turn it on?

You leave it plugged in continuously. The hot tub will keep the desired temperature always ready for your use. When you open your tub and run the jets, it will naturally decrease the temperature by a degree or 2 depending on how cold the conditions are.

Can it overheat?

No, there is a temperature override feature.

Does it have a lid?

Yes, it comes with an inflatable lid with locking straps. There is an option to purchase a solid bi-fold lid.

Can they be used through the winter?

Yes, in fact many customers use their spas more in the winter

Can they be used indoors?

Absolutely. Portable means you have options! You can have it in different places at different times. That’s freedom!

How often does the water need changing?

The more people who use a spa the more impurities such as perfume and deodorant are deposited in the spa which leads to foaming and cloudy water – which means that you need to either clean your spa water or change the water.

As the hot tub water gets older you will notice your filter may need to be cleaned more often. The filter is trapping the partially dissolved solids that can reduce the energy efficiency of the hot tub’s heater – so clean the filter with Filter Cleaner as directed on the bottle.

Knowing when your hot tub is giving you the signal for a water change

Knowing when to drain the spa is quite like balancing a seesaw. On the one side you don’t want to change the water over more than you have to. Filling up the water too much could prove more costly than it needs to be. However on the other hand you don’t want to put your health at risk by leaving it too long. These quick tips will help you determine what signs to look for.

Make some quick calculations

Its calculator time! First take the spa capacity in gallons and divide by the amount of people using the tub. Take this number and divide by three, this will tell you how often you should change the water. E.g. say the tub has a capacity of 300G of water with 3 people using it regularly. 300 / 3 = 100. Divide 100 by three, and you should drain your spa every 33 days or so.

Is the water especially foamy?

If the water has build-ups of foam and the “de-foamer” you are adding in, isn’t clearing it up. It’s probably a good sign to change the water over

Have a smell

Give your hot tub a whiff. If anything smells a bit off, again the water needs a quick change over.

Look at the dates

If you have drained the spa down and have left it for an extended period of time it is best to fill up, drain, then fill again. This will clean out any nasty’s in the pipework so that the sanitizing chemicals don’t need to work as hard.

Is the temperature variable?

Yes, by the top side control. No more than 40 degrees C (104F). 35-38 C (95-100.4F) is preferable.